Theft in Scots Law is defined as the wrongful appropriation of the property of another, with the intention of permanently depriving the other person of his or her possession. Theft is considered a ‘crime of dishonesty’, (as with fraud), and as such a conviction for theft can have a significant impact on your life, particularly in terms of your employability. It’s essential that you get specialist criminal legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

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Theft can be constituted in various circumstances, such as shoplifting or the stealing of high value items. We have experience across a broad spectrum of such crimes in Scotland. 

Note that theft can be distinguished from robbery because it does not involve any physical violence during the stealing or taking of the property. Robbery on the other hand is a theft that is accompanied by violence (threatened or actual) which deprives the victim of their property. If actual violence is used, the charge can be that of assault and robbery and can have serious consequences.

Theft can be aggravated and thus any sentence upon conviction may be greater if it occurred within a locked place.

To defend an allegation or criminal charge of theft or robbery in Scotland, you need to know all of the best possible defences depending on the circumstances of your case.

Possible defences may include, for instance, that you borrowed someone else’s property without their clear consent with the intention of returning it. We can help advise and represent you at all stages of your case.

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For legal advice and representation in the Scottish courts regarding theft, robbery or any other criminal charge, Thorley Stephenson SSC’s criminal solicitors can help you. Thorley Stephenson SSC's offices are located close to Edinburgh Sheriff Court and The Court of Session and are easily accessible for all forms of transport. Please contact us today on 01315569599 to speak to one of us about your case.

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