Huge numbers of personal injury claims are the result of an injury on the road. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a road traffic accident and it wasn't your fault, you may be able to claim compensation.

Making a Road Traffic Compensation Claim in Scotland

There are around 10,000 accidents on Scotland's roads every year, a great many of them giving rise to personal injury claims. The majority of those affected would have been blameless for the accident. As such, they are entitled to compensation. If you have been injured on the road in the last three years either as a passenger, driver, pedestrian or cyclist, you may be able to sue the person at fault, or their insurance company for compensation. If the other party has not met the required standard of driving as set out in the Highway Code, then they can be said for the purpose of a personal injury claim to have been driving negligently. If this was the case, you may be entitled to compensation.

What happens if the other driver was uninsured? Usually, the person responsible is the driver of the vehicle which collided with you or your vehicle. If that person was uninsured, you may be able to raise a claim against the Motor Insurers Bureau, the body responsible for handling claims against uninsured drivers. If this applies to you, contact us now for detailed, personalised advice.

Before you make a claim against the MIB, you must have:

  • Attempted to trace the other driver and reported the matter to the police.
  • If the driver is untraceable, you must be able to identify the vehicle
  • You must raise the claim within 9 months of the date of the accident.

Driver Injury Compensation

If you were behind the wheel at the time of the accident and the accident wasn't your fault, then you may be able to make a claim. In some cases these claims will be straightforward – if a driver runs into the back of you, for instance, then the blame lies with them. Sometimes establishing who was at fault is more difficult. If the two cars run into one another, it may be a matter of proving to the court who was at fault. If it is found that you contributed in some way to the accident you can still claim, although the amount of compensation you will be awarded will be reduced in proportion to how much you contributed to the accident.

Car Passenger injury claims

If you were not driving, it's unlikely that you had anything to do with the cause of the accident. As such, you can still claim compensation, even if you were a passenger in the negligent party's car.
Often the most common injury suffered during a road traffic injury is whiplash, but obviously there are many types of injury that may be suffered. In addition, if property was damaged (including, obviously, your vehicle) then you may be able to launch a claim in respect of that.

Why choose Thorley Stephenson for your personal injury claim?

Because we:

  • Offer a free initial interview to give basic advice.
  • Provide access to experts whose input will be needed to ensure you receive the right compensation.
  • Negotiate to achieve a fair settlement for you.
  • Will take your case to trial, if a fair out-of-court settlement is not offered.
  • Provide a no win, no fee service with no up-front fees. You will have no outlay even if your claim is unsuccessful.
  • Provide advice which is both impartial and confidential.
  • Explain the law in relation to accidents in plain English.
  • Offer a free legal advice service to ascertain whether your claim is valid since you may not be sure.
  • Recover all costs from the person (or organisation) at fault. You will receive 100% of any compensation awarded.
  • Ensure that you will not be charged anything nor will any compensation be reduced.

If you have suffered an accident on the road which occurred in the last three years our specialist road traffic accident injury lawyers in Scotland can help you claim compensation whether your accident occurred in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland.

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