Charges for murder, attempted murder or culpable homicide are some of the most serious criminal charges that can be brought. If you have been charged with one of these offences, you need the best possible legal advice and representation. Thorley Stephenson's criminal solicitors can help you.

Murder Defence Lawyers

In Scotland, under Scots Law, murder occurs where a person kills another either intentionally or with wicked recklessness. There are possible defences to a charge of murder, such as self-defence and, in the absence of such defences, there may be mitigating factors such as provocation which may reduce the charge to one of culpable homicide. It is particularly important to establish all of the relevant facts before determining what the best defence may be. Speak to Thorley Stephenson’s solicitors for specialist advice in this area.

Attempted Murder

Attempted murder involves an attempt to take the life of another without death, but with an intention to kill or reckless disregard for the life of the other person. This is also a very serious criminal charge and requires expert legal advice and careful handling.

Culpable Homicide

Unlike murder which requires intention to kill or wicked recklessness, culpable homicide in Scots Law is an act or failure to act which causes death. It is a less serious charge than murder and can result in a lesser sentence. Nevertheless, this is still a very serious charge and specialist legal advice is still of the utmost importance.

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For legal advice regarding murder, attempted murder, culpable homicide or any other criminal charge, Thorley Stephenson SSC’s criminal solicitors can help. Thorley Stephenson SSC's offices are located close to Edinburgh Sheriff Court and The Court of Session and are easily accessible for all forms of transport. Please contact us today on 01315569599 to speak to one of our solicitors about your case.

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