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Have you been charged with fraud or are you worried about the consequences of a conviction for fraud in Scotland? Our fraud lawyers can provide you with the advice and representation you need.

Fraud Lawyers Scotland

Fraud Law in Scotland

Fraud takes places where an individual uses deception for the purpose of personal gain. Unlike robbery, the owner of the goods or property provides consent, albeit with deceit (robbery, on the other hand, involves theft and violence).

For the crime of fraud to be committed, there need only be intent for making a personal gain together with false representations; actual gain is not required for a successful conviction to be brought in the Scottish courts.

If you need advice or defence in respect of fraud charges or allegations, our solicitors can help you. Some of the types of fraud you may have been charged with and for which we can advise you include the following:-

  • Internet fraud
  • Benefit fraud
  • Business fraud
  • HMRC/tax fraud
  • Insurance fraud

Based in Edinburgh in Scotland, we can represent you in any criminal court in Scotland. Thorley Stephenson SSC's offices are located close to Edinburgh Sheriff Court and The Court of Session and are easily accessible for all forms of transport.

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