If you have been represented in court by a law firm and subsequently convicted, you may want another firm to take on your case. We are regularly asked to conduct an appeal of driving offence convictions in the hope of a better outcome at the appeal stage.

Following a finding of guilt and subsequent sentencing in a case heard at the Sheriff Court, you have an automatic right of appeal to the High Court of the Justiciary. If a guilty plea was entered at the lower court, it is not possible to appeal the conviction, however it is possible to appeal the sentence. This may result, for example, in a reduced fine.

Driving offences: Sheriff Court & High Court appeals

Appeal to the High Court does not require any grounds; the case will be re-heard as if the first one had not happened. It is possible to apply for a suspension from disqualification from driving pending the outcome of appeal if the appellant has been disqualified from driving in the Sheriff Court.

At Thorley Stephenson we have years of experience in successfully dealing with appeals to the High Court. Our team of expert road traffic lawyers are happy to advise you on your chances of success on appeal.

Driving offences: new drivers

A new driver who accumulates six penalty points within two years of attaining their full drivers licence will automatically have their licence revoked. In order to regain their licence, they will have to re-sit their theory and practical driving tests.

This is not a formal disqualification from driving. However, it may have the same effect as disqualification, as it may take up to six months to apply for a new provisional licence.

In order to avoid this one would have to win the case, or seek an alternative sentence from the Court. If you believe you are at risk of having your driving licence revoked, contact us now.  Our experienced motoring lawyers have achieved this on numerous occasions.

Driving offences: red lights

A driver who has been convicted of failing to observe a traffic signal, for example by driving through a red light, will automatically receive three penalty points on their driver’s licence.

However, these cases may be defended in certain circumstances, for example evidence supplied by a witness or camera often proves unreliable. This may result in the defendant being acquitted.  

Motoring Lawyers Edinburgh & East Lothian, Scotland

Thorley Stephenson understands the importance of protecting your licence and the impact that prosecution in this area may have upon you and your family.  Based in Edinburgh, we can represent you in any criminal court in Scotland.

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