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Research Reveals Careless Driving Habits

Many drivers admit to middle lane hogging and tailgating despite these being punishable offences, new research has revealed. 

According to the research by, as many as 24% of UK drivers admit they have hogged the middle lane, while 18% have tailgated another driver.

Interestingly, the research shows that two thirds (66%) of UK drivers are unaware that these offences are punishable by at least three points on your licence and a £100 fine.

However, the research also highlights that these types of driving offences are difficult to monitor or detect. “Careless driving” includes offences such as tailgating, middle-lane hogging, undertaking and driving too slowly. Yet only 2,012 drivers fell foul of “careless driving” spot fines in 2016 according to Freedom of Information data obtained by

But there are also many drivers out there who are knowingly hogging the middle lane despite the repercussions. In fact, more than a third (37%) of middle lane hoggers admit they drive in the middle lane because it makes their drive easier and saves changing lanes, and 33% say it feels safer. Meanwhile, 63% of tailgaters say they often do it because other drivers are going too slow.

Around half (49%) of drivers believe more needs to be done to educate drivers about the correct lane usage, and a third (36%) think more needs to be done to tackle lane offenders. This is not surprising, says, given that tailgating is the biggest annoyance cited by drivers on the motorway (22%). Middle-lane hogging followed as the second most annoying behaviour by motorists on motorways (17%).

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