During these unprecedented times, it is vital to ensure we continue to do our best for our clients, whatever the challenge.

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court last week, a number of first diets were resolved despite the fact that the accused could not be brought from prison. Prior to the court hearing, the Sheriff Clerks were able to arrange a private consultation, via video link, between the client and the solicitor.

Today, the Court set up a further live video link to the prison so that the accused could participate in the proceedings. Hence my client was able to tender a plea of guilty, to a lesser charge, which resulted in him being eligible for release in April, rather than remaining in custody until August, which would have been the earliest date that a trial could have taken place.

Previously this technology has only been used during the early stages of criminal proceedings where a client is in custody, or as live links for witnesses to give evidence. Going forward, I’m sure video links can be used in other instances within the court system with solicitors using this technology to help resolve cases, so helping those involved the justice system.

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