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£8 million awarded to National Crime Agency to fight against serious and organised crime

For the 2018/19 period, the Home Secretary has approved up to £70m to go into the Police Transformation Fund (PTF) in order to develop law enforcement’s capacity to deal with the most serious criminal threats across the UK. With 98 projects benefiting from the £223 million PTF funding in phase 1 (2016/17 to 2017/18), phase 2 (2018/19 to 2019/20) will focus on the national programmes and demands to tackle serious and organised criminal activity.

As part of the phase 2 investment from the Government, the National Crime Agency (NCA) – who deal with organised crime such as sexual exploitation of children to cyber-crime and modern slavery - has been granted over £8 million.

This funding will be split across four NCA-led projects:

  • the National Economic Crime Centre (NECC) will be awarded £4m,
  • the National Assessment Centre (NAC) will receive £1.5m,
  • the National Data Exploitation Centre (NDEC) will be awarded £500,000, and
  • the Joint Operations Team (JOT), who tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation, will receive £2.2m.

It is hoped that this influx in funding for these essential projects will give them the much-needed tools to strengthen intelligence capabilities and, ultimately, keep ahead of organised crime groups.

With the advancement of technology, criminals continue to find new and inventive ways to commit and conceal crimes, making them more dangerous and elusive than ever before. In order to combat the increased threat of serious crime in the UK, the NCA believe they must enhance their existing skill set and be able to share crucial information to the public in a way that delivers the most significant impact. With this introduction of funding over the four projects, the NCA will be able to act on these criminal acts and protect the public in a more effective manner.

Director General at the National Crime Agency, Steve Rodhouse, concluded that “Tackling the breadth of serious and organised crime requires a whole-system response, collaborating with partners across law enforcement, government bodies, the public, private and third sectors in the UK and internationally. This additional funding will help us police the UK more efficiently and effectively, and allow us to respond to the changing nature of crime.”

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