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Over 2,000 Motorists Reported in City Speeding Campaign

A dedicated campaign aiming to clampdown on speeding resulted in more than 2,100 people being reported for motorist offences with 1,046 given face to face warnings to improve their overall driving.

The campaign to prevent speeding found many serious offences including a vehicle travelling at 104mph on the A9, a motorcyclist travelling at twice the speed limit in Grangemouth and a car travelling at more than 40mph over the speed limit.

Officers carried out a large number of speed checks in the week-long campaign detecting 2,081 instances of speeding. More than 50% of the drivers identified were offered suitable advice and warned with the rest of those being caught speeding either being reported to the Procurator Fiscal or being issued with a conditional offer of a fixed penalty. Safety camera operators found that during the same period there were close to 1,000 offences on motorways and other monitored roads.

As well as speeding, 21 drivers were reported for dangerous driving with 47 were reported for careless driving. 96 were warned.

Overall Clampdown on Speeding Offences and Dangerous Driving

The news regarding the number of offences in and around Edinburgh comes following another clampdown on speeding crimes in a major A90 operation stopping cars travelling between Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

More than 185 drivers were caught speeding with five travelling on the road at over 100mph. The operation on the A90 was part of one of the biggest operations against speeding in Scotland.

Head of Road Policing Chief Superintendent Andy Edmonston said: “Hopefully those people we have warned and those who have been reported will take the time to reflect on how they were driving and change their behaviour at the wheel as a moment of carelessness can have a devastating impact on some lives.

“This campaign was about reinforcing the need to drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions and reducing the risk of harm for vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists, who accounted for almost half of the 200 people killed on our roads in 2014.

“Communities tell us speeding is something we should be helping prevent – this campaign was an example of Police Scotland doing just that as we strive to achieve the Scottish Government’s 2020 casualty reduction targets.

“We need people to realise that speed can kill and recognise their responsibility to drive at an appropriate speed at all times.”

Criminal Defence Solicitors Edinburgh

The current operations and the clampdown on speeding comes following the introduction of a 20mph zone in Edinburgh with Police Scotland determined to punish those who choose to go over the speed limit. If you have been accused of travelling over the speed limit or if you are worried about a potential speeding or road traffic case, our team of solicitors can give you the advice and representation you deserve. Contact our criminal defence lawyers today using our online contact form.

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