Road safety charity Brake and Direct Line have recently published the results of research into the extent of speeding in areas where lower limits are in place, such as in residential estates or next to schools.

The survey found that as many as four in ten (40%) drivers admit they sometimes travel at 30mph or more where there is a limit of 20mph. More than a quarter (26%) of drivers say they do this at least once a month, and just over one in five (21%) admit to driving much faster than the 20mph speed limit on a weekly basis.

According to Brake, there is plenty of evidence to show that lowering traffic speeds, and lowering limits to 20mph specifically, reduces casualties and creates a safer road environment, especially for those on foot and bicycle, but of course this only works if limits are adhered to.

"Adhering to the speed limit is such a simple way of helping to make our roads safer and is within all drivers’ gift,” commented Rob Miles, director of car insurance at Direct Line. “We urge drivers to be conscientious and to remember that speed limits exist for very good reasons and that it is a legal requirement to observe them.”

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