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Police documentation of "hate events" that are not crimes is dangerous

Anyone who has experienced a housebreak will understand how traumatic the event can be. Locks can be changed, and insurance plans can be used, but it might take time and effort to help victims regain their confidence. I wonder if knowing that burglars are highly unlikely to be apprehended makes people feel even more uneasy following a break-in.

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Sentencing of Young People: What does the latest guideline mean for the Scottish criminal justice system?

The sentencing of young people in Scotland continually sparks a high level of controversy within Scots law. Whilst the severity of the offence is a major consideration in sentencing, the courts need to balance what is best for the individual and public safety. Along with this, there must be a focus on promoting the rehabilitation of the young person. To help courts with this decision, the Scottish Sentencing Council has finalised new guidelines for the sentencing of young people. This article answers common concerns with the new guidelines. 

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How is the criminal justice system adapting to the coronavirus pandemic?

While all areas of business are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, essential services such as courts and tribunals must ensure minimal disruption to the lives of the public. The criminal justice system is an integral part of society, and as a result, has had to adapt and adopt new working methods to continue running. 

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Thorley Stephenson

Coronavirus: The possible future of criminal proceedings via video links

The COVID-19 outbreak has required organisations all over the world to adapt to new ways of working. The Scottish Criminal Courts are in the same position, and as an essential service, the courts must adopt modern technology to continue to function. However, unlike other businesses, the courts face the distinct challenge of balancing the right to a fair trial, with dispensing justice. 

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Innovative use of technology at court during COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, it is vital to ensure we continue to do our best for our clients, whatever the challenge.

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